The first objective of any business is to turn a profit !
The most effective way to
increase your profit margin
is through the media of
television which is by far the
best way to capture an audience.
GOBI Entertainment will act as
your commercial production team
as well as your advertising agent.
You will take comfort in knowing
that we will handle all the details
to insure the best quality airtime
for your business as well as
providing the lowest costs available.
In this day and age of fierce
Competition you canít afford not
to utilize TV advertising.
1.) NO ADVERTISING WASTE. Cableís geographic targeting letís you focus on local consumers within your trading areas.
2.) TARGETS SPECIFIC AUDIENCES. The tremendous variety of Cable Networks allows to target customers by gender, age, income levels, lifestyle and special interests.
3.) CABLE PROVIDES AFFORDABLE FREQUENCY. The more times a viewer sees your ad, the more likely they are to remember the message and act upon it.
4.) PERSUASIVE IMPACT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO. 87% of message retention depends on visual impact, with an added 6% from sound.
5.) CONNECTS YOU WITH ACTIVE CONSUMERS. Cable homes are proven to have greater purchasing power and more active lifestyles.
6.) BUILDS YOUR IMAGE. The persuasive power and credibility of television builds your image and maximizes impact.
7.) DELIVERS ALL MARKET SEGMENTS. Quality programming on cable reaches men and women of all ages, plus kids and teens.
8.) COMBINES THE APPEAL OF FOUR MEDIA. Cable offers the video of television, psychographic targeting of magazines, immediacy of radio, and the local interest appeal of newspaper.
9.) COST EFFECTIVE. You get the maximum value for every ad dollar.
10.) IT WORKS! TV Commercials are the most memorable and have the greatest influence on buying decisions.
Commercial Package Includes:
  • One Digitally Mastered, broadcast quality Commercial.
  • Shot on 3 chip industry standard mini DV.
  • Handy Cams with Wide Angle Lenses.
  • Filters and Gels.
  • Custom 3 point Lighting.
  • Digital Editing
  • State of the Art Sound Design
  • Transitions and Titling
  • Professionally scripted Voiceovers
  • Storyboard with Pre and Post Production Consultation.
* All this for a low, low
price of only $995.00
50% deposit due on or before the shoot;
balance due upon completion of the commercial.
  • 4 weeks for normal delivery, 1 week for Rush orders
  • Rush delivery add 25% of package price

* ad spots cost extra based on the
package we put together for you

"Customer satisfaction is our guarantee"