Why is a brochure for my business important?

Be different – A good brochure will allow you to stand out from your competition.
Impress your customers – A brochure is an opportunity to “leave-behind” a piece of your business with your prospective customers. It can sell for you when you are not there, and provide more detail about what you offer, as well as something tangible for your prospects or customers to hold on to. Customers often expect you to have a brochure – especially if they need time to consider the purchase.
Get more customers – Brochures are one of the fundamental marketing tools most businesses use to get their name out and pitch their products or services.
Articulate yourself – A professional brochure enables you to sell and articulate your business offer to prospects and customers. Launch a new product, service, or initiative – If you change what your business does - like roll out a new product, target a new category or customer, sponsor an event, attend a tradeshow or other major event for your business – a new brochure can be your ticket to communicating that message.
Add credibility – The materials you create for your business build credibility and trust, giving your customers confidence that you have what it takes for them to do business with you.
Create lasting value – Brochures have a shelf life. Your customers, clients, and prospects will keep an informative, useful, or beautiful brochure on their desk or in their file for reference. Brochures are also often passed along to others.


THREE PANEL - $100.00
FOUR PANELS - $150.00


"You never get a second chance
to make a good first impression"

Business cards are the front line image of your business.
And since most of us will judge a business by their image (consciously or unconsciously), it is imperative that your business card portrays professionalism and high quality.

Think about it... how many times have you taken a second look at a business card? How many times have you judged a business based on the "LOOK" of their business card - even before you knew what they were all about?

It is also important to remember that, often your customers will associate the attention put on your image with the attention put on your products and services.


Full Color
Vibrant, on-disc, full-color DVD & CD printing

Black Only

Durable, on-disc, black DVD & CD printing for text & line art

2-Panel Insert

2-sided custom printed card for front of DVD and CD jewel cases
Flyer Design From $50

Flyers are an economical and fast way to market your business, product, event or service. They are a good option for information that changes frequently such as price lists or schedules. We offer two flyer options.

Flyer Design for 1-Side - $50
Use a single-sided flyer to provide your customers with prices, technical specifications, schedules, or other important information. We'll incorporate your logo, brand, images, and text to create a one-sided flyer that pops.

Single-sided flyer package includes:
Full-color design on one side
Single 8.5” x 11” sheet
Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied
Final flyer file ready for professional printing

Flyer Design for Both Sides - $90
A 2-sided flyer is perfect for product or data sheets,
media kits, hand-outs, or folder/brochure inserts.
We can work with your logo, brand, and message
to create a 2-sided flyer just for you.  Save $10.

Two-sided flyer package includes:
Full-color design on both sides
Single 8.5” x 11” sheet
Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied
Final flyer file ready for professional printing