Here is your one-stop shop for media transfer
We will preserve all your favorite moments from 8mm
films, VHS tapes, and cassettes at
very affordable prices! Finally you can rest at ease that
your memories won’t be lost forever.

8mm or Super 8mm capture cost: $5.00 per reel
DVD $15.00 - up to 6 hours (quality varies)
label & packaging included.
Sound Track (your music or ours)
Digital editing with transitions: $10.00
(includes dissolves, wipes, and much more)
Slides, Negatives & Photo Prints to DVD

35mm slides: Cardboard or Plastic
Negatives*: 35mm, APS film, 110 film, 126 "Instamatic", larger negatives
Photo Prints: from 2" x 2" to 8" x 12"
$15.00 for the first 40 slides/negabires/photo prints
$.35 for each additional slide/negative/photo print
Cassette tape transfer to CD:

60 minute cassette (direct transfer) $10.00
90 minute cassette (direct transfer) $15.00
Digital editing, separation of tracks, audio
filters added.


DVD Duplication-with Label and Packaging
$10.00 per disk
$8.00 per disk (order of 50)
$5.00  per disk (50-100)
$3.00  per disk over 100
2 / 4 / 6

VHS or SVHS Direct Transfer to DVD:
Each DVD - $20.00 2 Hrs or Less (packaging/labeling)
    2 hours - $25.00 (includes labeling and packaging)
    4 hours - $30.00 (includes labeling and packaging)
    6 hours - $35.00 (includes labeling and packaging)
Shipping & handling: original + first copy, Continental USA only. $6.50
Shipping and handling: each extra tape, CD, DVD Continental USA only

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"Tell him GOBI sent you"